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Hair Pot Micro Rebrew Brow and Lash Serum

introducing micro rebrew 🔬🌱

like rebrew, but way way smaller for you to test them out before actually investing. 


micro rebrew serves these purposes:

• to show that rebrew is indeed a hydrating serum

• to demonstrate that rebrew can give you proper comfort as it is a water-based serum 

• to display that rebrew will cause you no pain as it is a lightweight n’ highly absorbent serum


these features are highly as important as growing and strengthening features in a lash serum. we want to make sure that applying lash serum becomes a no-hassle and comfortable work for you. after all, we’re here to solve your problems not cause more 🌱💙


for some people (where growth works quicker), using micro rebrew will also show them small growth on lashes n’ brows. 


to add: growth and strength are not the main claims of micro rebrew as one bottle of micro rebrew can last up 7 days, can be stretched to 10 if used diligently. the time frame might be too short for growth to be seen. however, there are people who have seen growth within the first 7 days — that is why we say some might experience growth with micro rebrew.  🌱


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