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Pace Buy Now,Pay Later

Pace Buy Now,Pay Later

How to shop on KBeautyBakerie with Pace (Buy Now, Pay Later)

  • Select Pace as your payment method during checkout.
  • If you have a Pace account, please enter your login information and proceed with payment.
  • If you are new to Pace, you will be asked to apply for a Pace account before checkout with us.The process is fast and simple, and you will receive an approval within minutes.
  • Pay 1/3 of the total bill first. After your checkout, orders ship and you will receive the items and pay the other two payments later with zero interest, 30 days apart.

Paying with gives you the freedom to own it.

Take charge of your spending without giving up on the things you need or deserve.

Spreading your purchases into 3 interest-free instalments gives you the breathing space to buy now; no regrets later.


Step 1:

Add your items into cart


Step 2:

Select Pace at checkout

Instalment payments are approved instantly, along with exclusive access to future Pace promotions.


Step 3: 

Complete your order!

Your purchases become instalments, and are charged to you automatically. Check your Pace account for a status update, anytime.


Step 4:

Make payments in 3 interest-free instalments

Reminders will be sent to you each time a payment due. Don’t forget to pay on time, to avoid those late fees

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